Another doctor died in the state in Corona, while 59 doctors in the state died in the second wave

#Kolkata: Another doctor in the state died of coronary heart disease.

Devi Prasad Dasgupta, a retired doctor in the Department of Pathology, Bankura Sammilani Medical College. He died at Calcutta Medical College Hospital. In the second wave of corona, 59 doctors died in the state.

More than 500 doctors have died across the country in the second wave of corona, meaning more than 10 per cent of doctors in the state have died. The Indian Medical Association has written to the Union Health Minister a few days ago to ensure more safety.

The second wave of corona infections is now largely under control. The number of victims and deaths in the state is decreasing day by day. But despite that, many are losing the battle with Atimari. It is a matter of great concern, as well as apprehension, for the doctors who are fighting in the forefront of the Corona War to save lives. Reshmi Khandelwal, a 40-year-old pathologist, died in Kolkata a couple of days ago.

A few days ago, Atanushankar Das, a medical specialist at Surrey Sadar Hospital, died of coronary heart disease after taking two doses of the vaccine. A doctor in his fifties from Kolkata had been working in Surrey for a long time.

Earlier on May 21, doctor Sudhin Bhattacharya died at EEDF Hospital after contracting corona. Earlier, another doctor of the state was killed by Corona. Ashok Kumar Chattopadhyay, Bankura branch secretary of IMA, died at Bankura Sammilani Medical College. Sources said that the 60-year-old doctor had taken both doses of the vaccine.

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