Don’t reduce it a bit, Mamata is ‘discounted’ by restrictions! Emergency announcement about retail stores

#Kolkata: Due to the severely escalating Corona situation, Bengal went under strict restrictions from 16 May. Earlier, the state government had directed that the strict lockdown process in West Bengal would continue till May 30. But despite the slight decline in the number of corona cases in the state, the situation is still dire. That is why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to extend the ban till June 18. But this time the Chief Minister set aside time for retail. He said that the retail shops will be open from 12 noon to 3 pm. At the same time, he said, IT companies will be able to work with 10 percent staff. The Chief Minister has announced this decision to slightly improve the situation in Corona in the state. However, he said that the strict restrictions are still in force till June 18.

Earlier, the Chief Minister had said about the strict restrictions in the state, ‘Please don’t say lockdown curfew. Tell me that the restrictions are still in force. ‘ However, as per government guidelines, all public transport in the state is still closed. Public-private buses, taxis, autos, ferry services – everything is banned. Vehicles like autos and taxis will not be able to get out on the road except for urgent needs However, taxi service 8 is running from the airport

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