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#Kolkata: How legal was the transfer order of Alapana Banerjee? But former state and central bureaucrats say the controversy was unexpected. And they are pointing the finger at the center for this debate Some of these former bureaucrats are directly saying that the instructions of the Center have not been followed And according to others, the law says that even if the center summons the newly ex-chief secretary of the state, it is still unprincipled and completely baseless. Such directives have also been described as insulting to bureaucrats by people at the top of the central and state administrations.

On the same day, Alapan Bandyopadhyay retired as the Chief Secretary of the state He will be working as the Chief Adviser to the Chief Minister from tomorrow On this day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself made this announcement

Former Chief Secretary of the state Ardhendu Sen has fully supported the decision of the Chief Minister and the state government. “The chief minister has made the right decision,” he said As the Chief Adviser, Alapnababu will be able to help the Chief Minister with the right advice as well as show the right direction to the state administration. If this experienced former bureaucrat is directly questioned, then is the transfer order of the Center a result of political revenge? Without covering himself, Ardhendubabu said, ‘I think so If such a serious step is taken without giving any reason, which is tantamount to stalling the state administration, then why should the Chief Minister say it is political revenge.

Former IAS officer Jahar Sarkar had earlier spoken out against the central government over the transfer order of Alapana Banerjee. “How can you tell a man on the last day of his working life to come to Delhi and show his face,” he said. The guidelines do not specify which post Alapana Banerjee was transferred to or for what reason. It is a summons like this And so many senior officers can be summoned in this way, junior officers are called in this way That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” Jahar Sarkar, former CEO of Prasar Bharati, also spoke on behalf of the state on the question of the rules. Nowhere is it said that the center will take the officer by force It is true that in case of Center-State conflict, the decision of the Center will be taken But in this case, the matter did not go to the place of conflict The state has applied for revocation of the order, the Center will have to respond.

Former Union Secretary Anita Agnihotri also said that the directive sent by the central government was not necessary. According to Anita Devi, the Centre’s decision will not only break the morale of the bureaucrats, it is also an insult to the bureaucrats.

On May 24, at the request of the state, the central government approved the decision to allow Alapana Banerjee to continue as chief secretary for another three months. Because today, May 31, he was supposed to retire Four days later, on May 28, the Center sent a letter to Banerjee asking him to return to work in Delhi at 10 am today. And here the question arises, why Alapanbabu was transferred to Delhi on the last day of his career Because his tenure was extended to work in the aftermath of the Corona Extreme and Cyclone in the state. However, Alapanbabu retired on the same day to end the debate

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