Mamata Banerjee asks all IAS and IPS officers to unite I have never seen such a ruthless Prime Minister! ‘ Mamata calls on all bureaucrats to unite in the debate – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The way the Center treated Alapana Banerjee is an insult to all bureaucrats in the country This was alleged by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee He appealed to all IS-IPS of the country to unite against this Not only the bureaucrats, but also the chief ministers of all the opposition-ruled states, senior leaders, scholars and the general public have been urged to join the fight. According to political circles, he started trying to take the anti-Center sentiment back to the national level by exploiting the controversy over Alapana Banerjee.

At the same time, the Chief Minister alleged that the Center had ordered the transfer of Alapana Banerjee out of anger over him. He claimed that the decision of the Center was completely politically vindictive

The angry chief minister said, “Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Mann, what are you talking about, Prime Minister, you want to finish me off. Do you think you will succeed? It will never happen. ‘ Afterwards, the Chief Minister said, “I will urge all the Chief Ministers of the opposition states, all the senior political leaders, all the IAS IPS, all the NGOs, all the scholars, all the bureaucrats, all the scholars to unite in this war.” This is not the fight of Alapana Banerjee alone This fight is for all IAS, IPS. ” Attacking the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, the Chief Minister said, “State bureaucrats are attacking me out of anger. I have never seen such a ruthless Prime Minister, Home Minister This has not happened in the last 64 years. The chief minister alleged that the central government was insulting the bureaucrats only for political revenge without giving them due respect.

Mamata complained that she did not write any reason for the transfer in the letter Only in the minds of political advisers is political retaliation being satisfied In seven years, the courage has increased a little For this you have to pay 6

Center- Alapan Babu 7 has retired on the same day to end the state tension But even on this day, just before 5 pm, another letter from the Center reached Alapana Banerjee. In the letter, Banerjee was once again asked to go to Delhi immediately to join the work. However, the Chief Minister said that Alapanbabu retired on the last day of his career following the rules Referring to that, the Chief Minister said, ‘Bengal never bows its head He retired before you sent the letter, and you did not know it. ” The chief minister claimed that Alapana Banerjee had retired and he was no longer obliged to go to Delhi to work.

The Chief Minister alleged that everything that had been done with Alapana Banerjee was pre-planned. Similarly, false allegations and propaganda have been made with the Union Ministers Finally, Mamata said, ‘No one has made a movement like me We will fight, we will win. ‘

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