Not the North Block, the conversation went to Nabannei! The Chief Minister is fighting relentlessly for the post of Chief Secretary

Kolkata: He was to report to the North Block of New Delhi at 10 am on Monday. But Alapan Bandyopadhyay, the chief secretary of Bengal, reached Navanne at 10.30 am on Monday. Earlier, in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee pleaded, “Please reverse this decision in the interest of the people of Bengal.” On the same day, at 3 pm, the Chief Secretary Alapan will be present at the review meeting called by the Chief Minister. In other words, the veteran bureaucrat did not follow the instructions of the center for the time being.

The point is, the state is not letting Chief Secretary Alapana Banerjee go. This was stated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a stern letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday morning. In the letter, he made it clear that the manner in which the Chief Secretary in the extension was suddenly called for appointment to the central post was unprecedented, out of order and unconstitutional. He requested the Prime Minister to withdraw the directive immediately. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Mamata mentioned the Kalaikunda meeting. In a long five-page letter to the Chief Secretary, he openly questioned the Prime Minister as to whether there was any role in the incident in Kalaikunda behind the Delhi summons.

It is to be noted that this controversy started around the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last Friday to inspect the damage caused by cyclone Yas. The BJP has alleged that Mamata did not attend the meeting convened by the Prime Minister at Kalaikunda Airport. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also raised her voice against the counter-center at the meeting, alleging politicization and rudeness. In a letter to the Prime Minister on the same day, the Chief Minister mentioned that issue in detail. He claimed that neither the state government nor the Prime Minister had shown any disrespect to him. Instead, the Prime Minister has violated the customary practice of calling local MLAs or BJP leaders.

Finally, he wrote in the letter that for whatever reason, the state government is not abiding by the way the Chief Secretary has been summoned to Delhi in this difficult situation. It is not possible for the state government to release the chief secretary at a time when the state is simultaneously dealing with the Corona Extreme Disaster and cyclone damage. And not without him. That is why the state government had applied to the Center for an extension of his three-month term. The central government also accepted the request. But now the Chief Minister has expressed surprise over the reason why Alapana Banerjee was summoned to Delhi. However, he hoped that the central government would withdraw the directive and uphold the old directive to extend the tenure of the chief secretary.

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