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#Kolkata: Intact ATM 7 But millions of rupees inside the machine disappeared After Kashipur, New Market and Jadavpur, more than Rs 25 lakh was lost from an ATM in Boubazar in a similar manner. Police of Boubazar police station 8 have started investigation into the incident According to the police, the same fraudsters are also involved in the theft of money from ATMs in Boubazar. Police have a preliminary estimate that a Faridabad gang is behind the ATM fraud. Investigators suspect that they are carrying out this scam by joining hands with the forgers in Kolkata

Between May 14 and 22, Rs 6 lakh was lost from an ATM in Kashipur, Rs 13 lakh 60 thousand from an ATM in Jadavpur and Rs 16 lakh 70 thousand from an ATM in New Market. The news of the theft of money from the ATM of El Boubazar came to light soon after the police started investigation into the incident It is learned that Rs 25 lakh 20 thousand was also lost from the ATM of a private bank in Boubazar on May 14. On May 29, a complaint was lodged with the police on behalf of the bank During the investigation, police saw CCTV footage that three fraudsters had entered the ATM at the same time. Each of them had a mask on his face

Police believe that the same method has been used to withdraw money from the previous three ATMs with the help of sophisticated devices. In each case, the operation lasted for one to one and a half hours CCTV footage of ATMs is being examined Fraudsters repeatedly came out of ATMs before withdrawing money to make sure no one in the neighborhood was suspicious.

In Faridabad, there was a similar incident of ATM fraud That is why the police suspect that the Faridabad gang is also involved in this ATM fraud in Kolkata. Investigators also suspect that one or more employees of the banks whose ATM thefts are taking place or the companies involved in ATM maintenance may be involved. That’s why the police have sent a list of those who have joined and left these banks and maintenance companies in the last five years. According to sources, the face of a fraudster found in the CCTV footage was also found to be similar to that of an accused associated with the fraud ring in Faridabad.

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