Shobhandev Chatterjee is going to Kharadaha tomorrow! Is he the candidate?

#Kolkata: Shobhandev Chatterjee is going to Kharadaha on Tuesday with more speculation. A few days ago, he resigned from Bhabanipur constituency. Since then, he has been practicing whether he will contest from the Kharadaha seat or go directly to the Rajya Sabha. His kharadaha passage in the frozen discussion. However, the state’s agriculture minister elected from Bhabanipur says that this is just to attend a social event.

Shobhandev Chattopadhyay said of his sudden Kharadaha journey, “Jyotipriya Mallick sees this district, Saugat Roy sees the MP constituency. I have talked to them. An organization in Kharadaha has called me. I am going. The party has not told me anything yet. But it is on the people’s side.” The work of staying. The work of yesterday has no political connection. ” In other words, even if Shovon says no, he does not say no. Havebhav is explaining that he will fight from Kharadha if he gets instructions from the party.

This time in Bhabanipur, BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh lost to Shobhandev Chattopadhyay by 26,508 votes. Mamata Banerjee has given him the charge of Agriculture instead of Power. He resigned from the MLA post on May 21 after a sudden break in this series of incidents. Although legally, his ministry will last for the next six months. But the question arises as to his next destination. It is clear from the political circles that Mamata Banerjee wants to fight from her home ground, which is why she has resigned. In that case, just as the question of whether the Rajya Sabha was in good hands this time was circulating in politics, so was the discussion on the merits of the late Kajal Sinha’s seat in Kharadha. Amit Mitra will not fight for physical reasons. The name of Shobhandev is studied here for a good reason.

The names of a few actresses have also been studied as candidates for this center. From there, Shobhandev’s hasty journey is indicative. At least he provoked a lot more speculation. The rest is the intention of the team leader.

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