Corona Patient family accused Laketown nursing home for handing over different deadbody

#Kolkata: The boy was admitted to Laketown Nursing Home for treatment of his covid patient. Their claim was that the father was initially healthy. He also spoke in a video call. But the next day the nursing home authorities informed that the father had died. Not only that, the body of another person was handed over to the family. With this, the tension in the nursing home of Kolkata city reached its peak on Tuesday morning.

It is learned that the name of the person affected by Corona is Shankar Guchhait. Shankar, 52, a resident of Beleghata, was admitted to a private nursing home in Laketown. Nursing home sources said he died at 11:30 on Monday. The body was handed over to the family members on Tuesday morning.

After that the excitement started. Seeing the family, the dead person is not their father, but someone else. They returned the body and started searching for Shankarbabu’s body. But after a day-long search, the body of the deceased Shankarbabu was not found. Although Dipankar Satpathy told the nursing home authorities, he said on behalf of the hospital that the body belonged to Shankar Guchhait. According to them, the people of the house are creating unnecessary trouble. All in all, a huge riot broke out on this day in the hospital premises of Laketown.

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