Duare Tran West Bengal Govt directed DMs to follow multiple directions for the Duare Tran Scheme

#Kolkata: Duare Tran Scheme Duare Tran Scheme work will be done by government officials. This project will not work in any panchayat office or gram panchayat office. Government offices or schools need to work on this door relief project. They need to be digitized by submitting applications. Applications need to be scouted. If necessary, government officials will visit the place to verify the information. Nabanna gave such a bunch of instructions.

Newly appointed Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi held a video conference with the District Magistrates on Tuesday. According to sources, he gave this instruction at that meeting. The guidelines say that Dropbox should be placed in every place. There will always be a specific website for the data to be uploaded for relief at the door. South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, East Midnapore, West Midnapore and Howrah districts will be the first to provide relief at the gates.

The district governors were given a training on how each department would give money under the door relief project and practically on this day. During the video conference meeting, the Chief Secretary and the District Magistrate on behalf of the Health Secretary were also instructed to expedite the process of vaccination of the Super Spreaders. Preparations are in full swing before that. Navanna officials are keeping a close eye on the distribution of relief in all possible ways and so that there is no room for corruption anywhere.

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