farewell note in Mukul Roy’s son Subhranhshu Roy’s new caller tune creates fresh speculations on whethe he is leaving BJP

#Kolkata: Subhranshu Roy, son of BJP’s all-India co-president Mukul Roy, adds to speculation about his political position. After talking about the need for self-criticism, his farewell tune in his caller tune. And with that new tune, speculation has resurfaced. But is Shuvrangshu leaving BJP? This question is now circulating in the halls of state politics.

Although Baba Mukul Roy won the assembly polls, Shuvrangshu Roy lost on the BJP ticket. He had also increased the speculation by posting on Facebook last October. There he said how to retire from politics? Although in the BJP, he was not in an important position at that time. As a result, questions were raised about his Facebook post in the political arena at that time.

Once again, Mukul-putra has sparked speculation on Facebook. Last week, there was a lot of excitement surrounding his Facebook post ‘Self-criticism is needed’. He said in that post, “Before criticizing a government that has the support of the people, self-criticism is more important.” After that, his Facebook post caused a stir on Saturday night. The Trinamool Congress also supported his remarks as usual.

This time the collar tune of Shuvrangshu Roy has spread new rumors. As soon as I called this former MLA of Bijpur, I could hear him saying, ‘Okay, let’s go, don’t remember me.’ The song is directed by Karan Johar and stars Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in ‘Aye Dil Hai Mushkil’. However, Shuvrangshu Roy did not want to give any answer in this regard. Generally, a person sets the caller tune according to his / her mood or mood. As a result, the speculation whether Mukul Roy’s son is leaving the BJP has become more intense in this caller tune.

After 2011, Shuvrangshu Roy also won as the Trinamool candidate from Bijpur Center in 2016. Although his father joined the BJP, he did not join the BJP then. However, the grassroots at that time insulted the social media in this way. Later, after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mukul Putra went to Delhi and joined the BJP. This time BJP also nominated him in Bijpur. But he lost to Trinamool candidate Subodh Adhikari.

However, the BJP did not agree to pay special attention to Shuvrangshu’s Facebook post on Saturday night. State President Dilip Ghosh said that one can have a personal opinion, it does not matter who posted what. Dilip Ghosh further said, millions of people have come, one or two will go, it doesn’t matter. Dilip also remarked that it is difficult for grassroots leaders to survive in a disciplined party like BJP.

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