Jagdeep Dhankhar VS TMC: Personal talks with Mamata

#Kolkata: Once again, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar is in conflict with the state. At a time when the Center-State dispute over Kalaikunda was at its peak, the governor tweeted that Mamata Banerjee had called him earlier or hinted at boycotting the PM’s meeting. He also wrote about the cancellation of the meeting, the victory of arrogance, the rate of public service. The governor even described the Kalaikunda incident as a black day of democracy. The grassroots camp is very angry with the governor’s activities. It is rumored that efforts may be made to reduce communication. The grassroots leaders also protested against the incident.

The governor’s tweet:

Trinamool MP Saugat Roy said in response to the governor’s remarks that the governor’s remarks were irresponsible. The chief minister did not boycott the meeting. He has gone to the Prime Minister and raised the demand of the state. The Chief Minister can only object to Shuvendu Adhikari. Shuvendu Adhikari is not a government official. Why stay at that meeting? Saugatar’s message mocking the Governor’s tweet war, the Chief Minister is associated with public service 24 hours a day. Governor tweet.

Saugat Roy also opened his mouth in the context of the conversation. He said the unfortunate incident. It is the vindictive behavior of the Center to give a letter to Alapana Banerjee even after retirement. A worthy Bengali IAS was insulted. The Chief Minister has given him due respect. Alapana Bandopadhyay is no longer under the Center. He has retired.

Kunal Ghosh also protested. He said, “He is doing baseless slanderous work. He has no job. I did not see any tweet as to why the Center did not give vaccines to RMDCV. When the Prime Minister visits a BJP-ruled state, there is no need to talk to MLAs from other parties.” The Chief Minister met and gave the report. What more do they want! ” Kunal’s cannon of intense dissatisfaction, “The mentally exhausted old man continues to plot from the palace.”

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