Liquor stores are opening in the state from today, this condition must be met – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The state liquor store is opening from today. Sources said the permission came from the excise department. Even though the shop was closed for so long, the customers could buy wine offline. This time the benefit increased a little more. Buyers will also be able to buy wine with a line at the store, but will have to abide by the Covid restrictions.

According to sources, the liquor store will be open from 12 noon to 3 pm. The shop will be opened in accordance with the protocol of Kovid. Some of the new 15-day restrictions have also been relaxed. Discounts in liquor stores are also being reported. Although not free, the store can be kept open within three hours of being tied up. It is to be noted that even though liquor shops are discounted, bars and restaurants have been instructed to close.

The new guidelines also allow the opening of a three-hour store in the College Street Book Market to keep businesses afloat. On May 15, the state imposed a lockdown ban. Liquor stores were also reported to be closed. In this situation, there was an unprecedented crowd at the last minute in the liquor stores. The Covid protocol is also broken in many places. However, due to the government’s agreement on online delivery, many shops were sending liquor home through Swiggy, in which case the buyer had to pay the delivery charge along with the price of the liquor.

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