On the day of the retirement of the conversation at the secretary level, a huge change in the state! Who got any office

Along with the reshuffle at the top of the state administration, the state also reshuffled at other levels. A total of nine secretaries, including the chief secretary and the home secretary, were reshuffled on Monday. The Secretary of the Irrigation Department was removed. A few days ago, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her displeasure over the work of the Irrigation Department. Nabin Prakash, the secretary of that department, is being sent to the public works department this time. Prabhatkumar Mishra will handle the irrigation department this time.

On this day, Jagadish Prasad Mina was made the secretary in the office of the Chief Minister. Atri Bhattacharya is the Additional Chief Secretary of the Fisheries Department. He was the director of the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Administrative Training Center. The new Home Secretary Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika is in charge of all the responsibilities of the staff and administrative reform department. Secretary of the Water Health Technical Department Ajit Ranjan Vardhan is in charge of the Animal Resources Development Department.

On this day, 55 IPS officers of the state have also been transferred. There are also cases where some of them have been demoted and many have been promoted. Solomon Nishakumar has been appointed as the new Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police. Kunal Agarwal, in-charge of DIG Medinipur Range, has been sent on compulsory waiting. Priyobrak Roy and Swati Bhangalia have become DCESD and SWD of Kolkata Police.

The incident that took the whole country by storm on Monday is the announcement of the retirement of Alapana Banerjee. The Chief Minister himself announced his retirement and appointed him as the Chief Adviser. It will be effective from today, Tuesday. Harikrishna Dwivedi took his place. The new Home Secretary is Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika. Alapan Bandyopadhyay himself has explained all the responsibilities to Harikrishna Dwivedi.

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