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#Kolkata: The Center wants to know why he was not present at the PM’s meeting in Kalaikunda. In a letter sent by Central Under Secretary Ashish Kumar Singh to Alapana Banerjee, he had to wait for 15 minutes at first. He then came with the CM and immediately went out with the CM. Why is that, because the center is saying in appearance.

Last but not least, the letter reminded that the meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister, who is also the head of the National Disaster Management Authority. As a result, not being present at this meeting violates Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act. From this place, Alapan Banerjee asked the Center why no action would be taken against him.

On Monday, Alapan Bandyopadhyay retired from the post of bureaucrat and chief secretary of the state. Mamata Banerjee appointed him as the Chief Secretary. Mamata Banerjee said publicly in the context of Kalaikunda that before the Prime Minister’s meeting but I was not told that she was interested in visiting the affected areas with him. Just talked about meeting. That’s how the Chief Secretary of the state and I met him. Angered by the summons, Mamata asks, “Can you make a decision on your own?” This has never happened in the whole country. Can this be done with one of the leading bureaucrats in the country?

Mamata added, “She was summoned citing Article 7 (1) of the Rule Book. No talks were held with the state. This act of the Prime Minister and Home Minister is vindictive. What you are doing without any discussion is a salt in the ointment.” There was no word on why he was called to Delhi. The conversation should be told why.

Mamata, however, did not comment on the show-cause letter, saying that Alapanbabu had retired before receiving the letter.

-Input Somraj Banerjee

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