Swapan Dasgupta is returning to the Rajya Sabha after losing the election

#Kolkata: Prior to the vote, many had speculated that he was one of the contenders for the BJP’s chief ministerial post in the state. While he was a Rajya Sabha MP, party 8 nominated him for the assembly elections But just as the BJP’s dream of occupying Bengal did not materialize, so did Swapan Dasgupta. However, the BJP decided to send Swapan Dasgupta to the Rajya Sabha once again Like the previous time, this time too Swapan is going to the Parliament as a member nominated by the President

Swapan Dasgupta 7 was the candidate from Tarakeswar constituency of Hughli in the assembly elections But as a candidate in the election, he had to resign from the post of Rajya Sabha MP following the rules Because he was nominated by the President Until 2022, the term of Swapan Dasgupta was 7 in the Rajya Sabha

After losing the election, Swapan Dasgupta was rumored to be the BJP state president. However, Swapan is returning to the parliament after pouring water on that possibility An official notification has also been issued on this day As a result of his resignation, only one seat in the Rajya Sabha became vacant Governor Ramnath Kobind re-nominated him in that seat He will remain in that post till April 2022

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