two tourists died at digha in their post YAAS trip by drowning in the sea

#Digha: Two people drowned in the sea while going to Digha (DIGHA) with their thumbs up. The deceased were identified as Nur Mohammad Mirza and Maidul Naskar, police said. Howrah: Four friends from Liluya Jagadishpur area went to Digha. Two of them went down into the sea on Tuesday afternoon. The other two are unharmed.

It is learned that four friends of Liluar of Howrah went for a walk in the sea of ​​Digha soon after the cyclone Yas. They landed at Old Dighar on Tuesday. They are not allowed to enter the water as the tide is very high on this day. Nuliara saw them and stopped them from going to sea. After that, avoiding that place, the 4 tourists went down to bathe in the dangerous attic of Digha sea. The two fell into the rough sea in the sea of ​​Old Dighar. Before they knew it, they were drowning. Nuliyara saw the incident from a distance and came running. But after a while, after taking a bath, the two drowned in the strong waves and tides of the sea.

They were rushed to the hospital but were pronounced dead at the scene. The other two of the four friends survived the quote loudly. Police estimate the group of tourists were victims of the horrific accident because they were drunk. Witnesses believe two of the four friends survived because they were in the beach area. The drowned tourists were drunk, Nuliara said. Police have sent the bodies for autopsy.

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