West Bengal Corona Update fresh corona cases counts below 10 thousand after a long time

#Kolkata: Once again, the state’s Corona Statistics has crossed a milestone. After a long wait, another day of relief came at the time of the virus infection in Corona. Corolla infection (Covid 19 cases) dropped below 10,000 in West Bengal on Tuesday. With a record number of lotus active cases (Active Cases). Although the number of tests has increased, experts say it is important to significantly reduce the number of infections. Some of the experts also agreed that the strictures of the restrictions are working a lot.

According to the health department’s Corona bulletin on Monday, about 59,000 tests were conducted in the state. And 10,138 were infected. According to Tuesday’s bulletin, about 75,000 people were tested and 9,424 were infected. Infection in Calcutta is close to 1,000. The number of daily victims in North 24 Parganas is waiting to drop below 2,000. In the rest of the district, the infection is in three figures. In all, the number of corona cases in the state is 13,75,601.

However, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has not decreased. On this day, 136 people died in the state due to corona. Thirty-two people died in Kolkata, 36 in North 24 Parganas and 13 in South 24 Parganas. The total number of deaths in Corona in the state stood at 15.6. The infection rate on that day was 14.48 percent. The number of active cases is declining in all the districts of the state except Birbhum. A record 6,435 active cases have been registered in the state on this day. As a result, the total number of active cases has decreased to 6,613. The recovery rate in the state has increased to 93.20 percent. On Tuesday, 18,622 people recovered in the state.

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