Crack in relationship with girlfriend? Complaining about the third person? The female assistant director of the suicidal Bengali serial

#Kolkata: The three girlfriends went on drinking till late at night. Chatting, eating and drinking were also going on in rhythm. But suddenly a quarrel started between the two girlfriends. He started cursing each other in inaudible language. Pooja Gain (28), the third assistant director or costume director of a Bengali serial, committed suicide by closing the door and hanging a towel around her neck. In fact, Pooja Gain, a resident of East Burdwan, now lives in his sister’s flat in Netajinagar. Divorced Pooja used to work as a costume director of Bangla serials.

According to police sources, Pooja called a friend named Gina Sarkar on Tuesday evening and asked her to come to the flat in Netajinagar. By the time Gina arrived, another friend, Tumpa Roy, was already there. Then the three girlfriends chatted together till late at night, ate and drank. Then suddenly there was unrest between them. The consequences are tragic. Many locals claim that the two girlfriends had a close relationship. It has been known for a long time. Many times they could be seen together. As a result, it is not certain whether the entry of a third girlfriend into the relationship is the beginning of unrest. However, the police did not confirm anything about it.

Gina said that on this day, suddenly, Puja started arguing with his girlfriend Tumpar who was present in the flat. He was making all kinds of vulgar remarks aimed at each other. However, after a while, Puja took sleeping pills and went to bed. Tumpa was trying to explain by sprinkling water on his face. But he did not agree to listen to anything. Instead, he took them out of the house and locked the door. After five minutes, they started shouting puja again. He knocked on the door without getting any response. But there was no response. Then the two of them broke down the door and went inside and saw the puja hanging.

After wasting no time, they cut the towel and took him down to Baghayatin State General Hospital. The news was also given to the police. Although the doctor declared Puja dead. The body has already been sent for autopsy. However, no complaint has been lodged so far. Many are shocked by the death of the rising heroine on this day. Colleagues can’t understand why he made such a sudden decision.

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