Exclusive: Stay strong, I am by your side, face to face in difficult times, debut to Mukul-putra!

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy’s wife Krishna Roy is in Ekmo support. During the day, Abhishek Banerjee went straight to the Yas devastated area of ​​24 Parganas to see him. Mukul Roy was not at the hospital when Abhishek went to a private hospital on the edge of the EM bypass. However, Mukul’s son was Shuvrangshu Roy, a former MLA from Bijpur. According to sources, Abhishek got the news about the physical details of Krishna Devi from Shuvrangshur. Assuring him, he said, stay strong, I am by your side.

This news has just been given. Details are coming.

-Input Kamalika Sengupta

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