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#Kolkata: The state government has formed a six-member committee on the future of secondary and higher secondary examinations. The convener of the committee was Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay, president of the Board of Secondary Education. The committee consists of Ananya Chakraborty (Chairman, Child Protection Commission), Shubhshankar Sarkar, Vice-Chancellor of Netaji Subhash Open University and Chairman of School Service Commission, GK Dhali, Divisional Head of SSKM and Pradeep, Director of Institute of Psychiatrists. The state government has issued a notification to the six-member committee.

It was said that today, the Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Education will jointly announce the schedule of this year’s secondary and higher secondary examinations at a joint press conference. But at the last minute it was canceled. The expert committee that has been formed so far will look into the whole situation and make recommendations to the government on the test. Then the decision will be made. As a result, millions of students in the state have to wait for the exams again. However, the committee has been asked to submit a report within 72 hours.

According to informed sources, conducting tests in the second wave of Corona is a big challenge. Students, teachers, educators all have to take up this challenge. This committee will decide whether it is possible to implement it. Meanwhile, CBSE and ISC exams were canceled on Tuesday due to Corona. These two boards will not take the exams, even if there are secondary and higher secondary exams, especially if there is an unfavorable situation, the state government may have to face the question. That is why the announcement of the examination schedule is being postponed for the time being.

-Input Somraj Banerjee

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