Kovid’s life-saving injection of millions of rupees was stolen from the medical college! Noise …

#Kolkata: During the day, there was an allegation of stealing the life-saving injection Tosilizumab from Calcutta Medical College Hospital. Not one but two, a total of 26 injections were allegedly stolen. The arrow of accusation is against the doctors and nurses of the hospital. On the one hand, while the corona of the state is fighting to the death to cure the patients, many famous doctors have also lost their lives, then the hue and cry of this vicious cycle has started.

And the biggest cause of this hiccups is Tosilizumab no ordinary injection. In the case of Corona patient, it can be said to be life-giving. Doctors are using this injection if there is a storm of cytokinin in the patient’s body. In a word, Tosilizumab sends a message to the cells to create resistance against the inflammation that develops in the patient’s body. As a result, at the moment, in a word, it is precious. The price is also a lot of Tosilizumab. In the current market price of one Tosilizumab, the price is 50-56 thousand rupees. This injection is also being sold on the black market for two and a half lakh rupees. The market value of the injection stolen from Calcutta Medical College has been reduced to Rs 10 lakh.

In this situation, the allegation of stealing the drug from the government hospital is also an ominous sign. In that case, the allegation of selling these drugs directly on the black market cannot be dismissed. This has already started to be talked about on social media. An audio has come forward, the authenticity of which has not been verified.

Note that in addition to tocilizumab, doxylamine group drugs are on the list of inconsistencies in the market. Ivermestin group drugs are not seen in many districts including Kolkata. In many places it has been difficult to get azithromycin antibiotics for the last one month. Vanish zinc sulphate or vitamin-C supplement in Khas Kolkata. However, there is no cycle behind it, but there is a need, said the drug dealer.

-Input Abhijit Chand

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