Mamata Banerjee: Yes, the wounds are burning, in the meantime, Mamata is worried about the pair.

#Kolkata: bHu people have not yet returned home. Coastal wound care work has started. Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee is worried about the fate of two more Kotals. He himself expressed that fear in the administrative meeting on that day. He also spoke about strong preparations. Mamata said there are two big kotal on June 11 and 26. Before that all the necessary steps have to be taken.

Mamata is not looking for a permanent solution to the situation. And that is why the gaps of the previous work are no longer closed in front of him. On this day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her dissatisfaction with the work of the Irrigation Department. He said, ‘Irrigation department is repairing the dam every year, it is breaking every year. Millions of rupees are being spent on water. He has called for a report within 3 days At the same time, the Chief Minister asked to give a report on the whereabouts of the uprooted trees

In a virtual meeting with Navanne officials on Wednesday, Mamata said, “The money should be used properly. That just didn’t work out. Our money is being wasted. Why is the dam breaking every year? Millions of rupees are going into the water .’‌ According to Mamata, arrangements have to be made with the opinion of experts. Contractors have to be responsible for at least 10 years. ‘ Before that, all the necessary steps have to be taken.

The Chief Minister had decorated Digha for the last 10 years. That dighai has been devastated by cyclone Yas. Mamata Banerjee is blaming negligence for this. Millions of people earn in Digha. Why did the concrete pathway break? The sea boulder is ruined. Hawkers need to rebuild shops. I want to make final preparations before the rains. The beauty of Digha has been ruined. The Chief Minister also expressed his displeasure over the role of the forest department. He said, what has the Forest Department done? 5 crore mangroves were planted. But it did not happen. Mamata said that 150 million mangroves will be planted to deal with the cyclone in the coming days. Of this, Rs 5 crore will be planted in Sundarbans, Rs 5 crore in North 24 Parganas and the remaining Rs 5 crore in East Midnapore.

Incidentally, Shuvendu Adhikari was the Irrigation Minister during Amfan. He resigned as Irrigation Minister in November last year before joining the BJP. Not only that, Digha-Mandarmoni, he used to look after these areas The political circles think that the target of the Chief Minister is clear in the administrative meeting.

Input Abir Ghoshal, Somraj Bandyopadhyay

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