The third wave of corona is the most feared children! Earlier, the state health department issued a new directive

#Kolkata: People are in a desperate situation to cope with the second wave of corona. The third wave of corona in him is frightening. But this time the state health department wants to be careful. Children and newborns are most likely to be affected by the third wave of corona, researchers say. With this in mind, the state health department is on high alert. Special instructions were given to the Chief Health Officers of all the districts and to all the Medical College Hospitals in Calcutta.

Instructions to prepare pediatric incentive care unit or picu, neonatal intensive care unit or neonatal intensive care unit, especially newborn care unit or SNCU (special new-born care unit) in every hospital to prevent third wave and keep children safe. Given. Special instructions have been issued to the Chief Health Officers of all the districts and all the medical college hospitals in Kolkata as children and newborns are more likely to be affected in the third stream of corona.

Every super specialty hospital in the district has been directed to have a Pediatric Incentive Care Unit or PICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU, especially a neonatal care unit or SNCU. It has also been asked to increase the number of beds in each place if possible. If there is any defect or deficiency in such units, it has been directed to inform the health department immediately. A special task force is being formed who will draw up a draft project on the treatment of these children and newborns, so that there is no problem if the number of infants suddenly increases. Health Officer Ajay Chakraborty has instructed to place orders for all the equipments required in such units from now on. The health department is ready to protect children from the third wave of corona anyway. All measures have already been taken.

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