Abhishek-Subhrangshu: What is the matter between Abhishek-Subhrangshu? Dilip- Mukulai or what did you say?

#Kolkata: This Bengali saw another example of political courtesy. Young Trinamool Congress president Abhishek Banerjee rushed to the hospital to see BJP leader Mukul Roy’s wife. Mukul Jaya Krishna Roy has been undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Kolkata for several days. Although corona is free, there are many other physical complications. Abhishek returned to Kolkata in the afternoon after inspecting the situation in South 24 Parganas on Wednesday. In the evening go to Apollo Hospital. Stay there twenty minutes. Mukul inquired about the physical condition of Roy’s wife. Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu was in the hospital when Abhishek Banerjee went to the hospital. The two are talking face to face. Abhishek told Shuvrangshu, ‘Stay strong. I am by your side in any need ‘.

Politically, both sides now believe in different political ideologies. At present, political courtesy is unprecedented. However, Abhishek’s courtesy call on Mukul Roy’s wife to go to the hospital to inquire about his physical condition. Mukul Roy also welcomed the visit of Abhishek to the hospital to search for his wife. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh appeared at the hospital shortly after to search for his ailing Mukul wife. Politics of courtesy in Dilip’s face too. Kaushali Dilip avoided controversy with Abhishek and Shuvrangshu. He said, ‘They are acquaintances. Stood by in the day of danger. Good. We also want Mukuldar’s wife to get well soon ‘.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Mukul’s son Shuvrangshur’s suggestive Facebook post. Then Abhishek in the hospital – Shuvrangshu directly. ‘I’m next’ – then what is the message of Abhishek? Behind the politics of courtesy, various questions are now revolving in the field of Bengal politics. But time will tell. However, at the present time of Bengal politics, when the anti-rulers are using various issues against each other, some people are reluctant to give up an inch of land. Just then, Abhishek Banerjee’s message of being on the side of the opposition in times of danger is undoubtedly admirable.

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