PM Modi called Mukul Roy: Mukul Roy got the phone call from the Prime Minister, the whole BJP’s sleep-deprived debut!

#Kolkata: This time Mukul Roy got a call from the Prime Minister. On Thursday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inquired about the physical condition of Krishna Roy, the wife of Mukul Roy. The Prime Minister wished Mukul’s wife a speedy recovery.

Apparently the Prime Minister has inquired about the physical condition of the wife of an important leader of his party, which is a natural courtesy. But the political color has been in the flow of events since yesterday. The reason is that Mukul’s wife has been admitted to the hospital since May 11, but no BJP leader has visited the hospital for so long. Abhishek Banerjee went to see Mukul Roy’s wife yesterday. Dilip Ghosh was admitted to the hospital within two hours of his discharge. In other words, Abhishek Banerjee has woken up the BJP, it would not be an exaggeration to say so.

Mukul Roy was attacked by his wife Corona. Although tax-free, he is still not fully active. On the other hand, Mukul Jaya Krishna Devi is also tax free but due to various physical complications, she is in Ekmo support. Abhishek Banerjee went to the EM bypass hospital on Wednesday evening to look for him. Shuvrangshu Roy was in the hospital at that time. He also talked to Abhishek-Shuvrangshu for a while. As soon as he knew the details of his health, Abhishek assured Shuvrangshu that he was by his side.

With this message the speculation started in the political arena. However, there is another context of speculation. Shuvrangshu Roy sounded out of tune a few days ago. He wrote on Facebook that it is important to criticize the winning party without criticizing the people’s verdict. In other words, Shuvrangshu openly opposed the BJP.

Mukul Roy’s non-violent relationship with the Trinamool is well known. But during the election campaign, Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth about Shuvendu Adhikari and praised Mukul Roy. And in order to get the vote, Shuvrangshu turned to condemn his own party, many people want to read this incident at the same point.

Whether there is a political equation or not, the tradition of events is eye-catching. The fact that the BJP did not address the issue in the first place means that the date of admission to Mukul Zaire Hospital. And it can be said with certainty that the entire party has come down from Dilip Ghosh to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain courtesy and courtesy in the matter. Abhishek Banerjee has repeatedly made his name important in a TV interview. This time the whole BJP practically followed him. What will Abhishek say?

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