Tathagatha Roy: Suddenly the wind blows, Dilip doesn’t pick up the phone! Tathagata verdict on Benazir’s attack on four heads of the team again

#Kolkata: Again, Tathagata Roy openly expressed his anger with the four big heads of the party including Dilip Ghosh. This is the second time he has taken the name of this quartet. This time he has heard the same statement from a person, many BJP workers are in danger but Kailash Vijayvargiya, Shiv Prakash, Arvind Menon or Dilip Ghosh are practically missing.

Tathagata Roy wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “A close person came and cried. He said thousands of BJP workers have been evicted by grassroots miscreants. Now they have to pay a hefty sum to return home. I feel helpless.” After that, the cannon of Tathagata said, “The state BJP leader KSA (Kailas-Shivprakash-Arvind Menon) is gone. And D (Dilip Ghosh) is not answering the phone”.

It should not be difficult to understand who he is referring to in the KSA-D initials. Tathagata has used this code in the past as well. Rather, the question arises as to whether the repeated attacks on Kailash Vijayavargiya, Prakash, Arvind Menon and Dilip Ghosh in public are meant to imply that the entire BJP party is suffering from lack of leadership!

On May 8, Tathagata opened his mouth for the first time. He wrote on Twitter that Dilip-Kailas have dusted off the honor of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. He also mentioned the names of the four people in the service. Tathagata writes, Kailash, Dilip Prakash Arvind have tarnished the image of this four-headed Prime Minister and Home Minister and tarnished the name of the largest party in the world. Sitting at the top of Hastings and at a seven-star hotel, they’ve distributed tickets to grassroots garbage. Now they’re sitting there to escape the party workers, thinking the storm will go away.

Yesterday’s tweet is like the previous chapter-2 of this story. In other words, the veteran BJP leader wants to prove how accurate what he said in the past is. In the past, the team even called and sent him to Delhi. Politicians will be watching to see what steps the party takes, courtesy of the way the rift within the state BJP is unfolding as time goes on.

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