The late health-transport officer Gautam Chowdhury in Corona, Bengal lost the real fighter

#Kolkata: Gautam Chowdhury, 56, a top official of the state health and transport department, died of corona. He was a real Kovid warrior. Gautam Babu was leading the work of bringing corona vaccine to the whole state and distributing vaccines across the state. The child health officer was in charge of 102 ambulances. He had been undergoing treatment at the hospital for the last several days. Medica Hospital authorities announced his death this morning.

State health workers agree in one sentence, Gautam Chowdhury was a very hard working man. He was leading the first two waves of the corona from the front. The vaccine sent by the center was brought from the airport, taken to the Central Health Store in Bagbazar, from where he would see how it would reach all over the state. Besides, he was responsible for supervising the movement of many government ambulances in the state in this war situation.

He was the link for the news, whether it was the media or the administration. He was in regular contact with the Serum Institute or Bharat Biotech. Understanding the situation, he has also managed the aircraft. Everything was perfect, the cold-headed Gautam Babu never stopped for once. This did not stop the warrior.

Corona’s two bodies have killed many doctors in the state. At least 130 doctors have died so far. Many of them are well-known, some have just started working again.

Details coming …

-Input-Abhijit Chand

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