The shopping mall may open from June 16, the Chief Minister announced

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The chief minister said the authorities would be able to decide whether to open the mall only after looking at whether it could work with 25 per cent staff.

Kolkata: Shopping Mall 8 can be opened from June 16 with 25 percent staff Mamata Banerjee announced 6 However, the chief minister said that the authorities would be able to decide whether to open the mall only after seeing whether it would be possible to work with 25 per cent staff. Context 17 June Jamaishthi 6 The Chief Minister also directed that care should be taken to ensure that the crowds do not increase even after the opening of shopping malls. However, the clothing stores outside the shopping mall will not be open now That is what Mamata Banerjee said on Thursday On this day, the Chief Minister held a meeting with 29 merchant organizations Besides shopping malls, the Chief Minister also announced the opening of hotel restaurants He instructed to keep the hotel open from 5 pm to 8 pm The hotels will be opened this time with proper sanitation. He also emphasized the importance of vaccinating hotel and restaurant workers He said all hotel workers should be vaccinated He also wants help from the chambers of commerce in this regard Along with hotel and restaurant workers, the Chief Minister also emphasized on vaccination of wheat and rice mill workers and ration shop workers. That is to say, he has placed special emphasis on vaccinating the workers in the areas where the spreaders are spread.

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