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Kolkata: Despite the corona crisis and lockdown, the state has again topped the list of small savings in the country in the last financial year. This success has been reported from the data released by the National Savings Institute under the Union Ministry of Finance. According to data released by the National Savings Institute, the amount of post office deposits in various small savings projects in West Bengal in the last financial year was more than Tk 1.3 trillion. The income from that deposit is 19 thousand 536 crore rupees. Uttar Pradesh is in the second place. At the same time, the amount of deposits deposited in small savings projects in the state is more than Tk 93,960 crore.

Experts attributed the success of the micro-savings scheme in the state to the organization of finance department and post office agents, public awareness and the role of various financial institutions in promoting awareness about financial security. They are of the opinion that people who have gone missing by investing in illegal financial institutions like Sarada and Rose Valley do not want to take any new risks. That is why the savings trend in post offices is increasing.

On the other hand, the agents of the post office have accused the state government of indifference towards them, highlighting their contribution to the success of the state in small savings projects. Nirmal Das, state secretary of the West Bengal Small Saving Association, said, “Despite repeated demands, the state government has not given postal agents the status of unorganized workers. They are not even being given any official identity card As a result, they are being harassed. ”They are also alleged to be deprived of various government facilities.

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