Dilip wants GST on vaccines too, allegations of corruption in the state! ‘Strange brain,’ said the grassroots

Kolkata: He has seen a huge defeat in the Bengal vote. Since then he was a bit wrapped up. This time, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has said that there is corruption in the state even with the vaccine. What he said while talking about the state vaccine, Dilip has to be read again in the face of criticism. Sitting at the BJP office in the organizational district of Srirampur, Dilip said, ‘GST is sitting on everything. Then why not the vaccine? ‘

However, the BJP state president said that the Center was sending free vaccines but it was being blackmailed in the state. The state should publish a white paper on vaccines. How are free vaccines being sold? We have to see why the black market is happening.

Incidentally, there has been a long-running tug-of-war over the taxation of the corona vaccine. Recently, the GST Council has also discussed whether taxes should be levied on corona vaccine and equipment required for the treatment of covid. But no decision has been made yet. However, Dilip Ghosh’s remarks have already drawn criticism in the state.

The grassroots did not stop mocking. MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, ‘Those who can talk like that about vaccines are people with bizarre brains. When the corona was spreading side by side, the BJP leaders were sitting in Bengal. After the vote meter, he understood the cry of oxygen and vaccine. Lots of people died just because of the lack of oxygen. The bodies have been floated in the river. About 3 lakh 40 thousand people have died. Even after this, what Amit Shah is claiming is ridiculous. They have lost their mental balance. People will not forgive them. ‘

Even on Dilip’s vaccine allegations, Sukhendu Shekhar said, ‘All the chief ministers of Raj are writing letters rather than vaccines. But the center is not responding. Such a horrible situation. After that, if Kovid 3 comes, I am thrilled about what will happen. Immediately arrange for vaccination. Even after this, those who claim that they have been controlled by swelling the veins of the throat are lying. ‘

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