Grateful for the debut-salute to Mamata, Mukul-Putra’s talk of ‘returning home’ again

Kolkata: Once again, Subhranshu Roy, son of Mukul Roy, instigated the rumors of a change of party. Said, ‘I am grateful to Abhishek. Salute Mamata Banerjee. ‘ As the praise for Mamata-Abhishek came to Shuvrangshu’s face again, the speculation about Mukul Roy’s unwritten arrival in the grassroots got more air. That night, Shuvrangshu told NEWS 18 Bangla, ‘Abhishek has great respect for my mother. I am grateful to Abhishek Banerjee for standing by me like this. The Chief Minister has inquired about my father’s health. I am also grateful to her. My mother may have to atone for my forgetfulness. Abhishek has searched for his mother as many times as he has seen in the past.

After that, Mukul’s son praised Abhishek and said, ‘When I saw Abhishek for the first time, he used to ask me how is my aunt? We grew up together. He is a national figure today. I lost. Even after that he has searched that way. That is why I am eternally grateful. The Chief Minister is always looking for whether his father has been vaccinated or what he is eating now.

He also took the religious politics of BJP in Bengal by one hand. “We ignored them five months ago,” he said. Many are wearing sheets for my mother today. Discrimination in Bengali politics was not right at all. My priority is my mother.

Apart from criticizing the BJP, Shuvrangshu Roy also praised the Chief Minister. He said, ‘A party has come to the power of public support. Before criticizing him, we should think about why we lost. The way the chief minister acted in the covid situation, the way the chief minister acted with Yas, should be saluted. ‘

By the way, some sections of the political circles are saying that it is not Shuvrangshu, all these words are actually Mukul Roy’s ‘words of mind’ Mukul’s recent activities, disillusionment with the BJP, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay’s hospital visit to see Mukul’s ailing wife, Mukul’s son Shuvrangshur’s Abhishek-Bandana, above all the Mukul Roy-Dilip Ghosh clash, all in all, the state politics squabbles over Mukul Roy. However, Mukul Roy himself has not yet spoken of returning to the grassroots. However, the path that is being paved is becoming increasingly clear.

In a close circle, Mukul himself said, ‘Abhishek and Shuvrangshu are childhood friends. They know each other well. Such a relationship is normal between them. That means the message is clear. A section of the political circles say that Mukul, who once left the grassroots due to a conflict with Abhishek, has in fact made the message of his mind clear with such a soft tone about him.

—- Kamalika Sengupta

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