Private School Fees: Online classes are not canceled even if the school has arrears of salary! Relief to parents in court

#Kolkata: The online classes were not canceled even though the school salary was outstanding, the Calcutta High Court clarified again. A division bench of Justices Indraprasanna Mukherjee and Mausumi Bhattacharya passed the order in a public interest litigation regarding Dishari school fees.

The cowardly situation is still present, students are not able to go to school and take classes, so online classes cannot be canceled even if the school salary is due as per the previous instructions. However, the previous arrears of school fees have been directed to be paid in installments by July 31. Although Dishari School is a public interest litigation, lawyers are optimistic that the directive will be the same for every private school in the state. The parents of millions of students in the state are relieved that the court’s order has helped them.

Similar to the previous order, the same order will be applied for the year 2021-22. High school relief to parents of private schools. In the current academic year, the school will not be able to collect any fee other than 60% of the tuition fee only. The school cannot deprive students of online classes for free arrears.

Haldia Dishari Public School authorities were charging extra fees from parents. Such as school bus fare, being a day-boarding school, the cost of food for the students and all other expenses were being collected from the parents. Not only that, the parents who did not accept this unjust demand of the school during the Coronation and Lockdown, the school was not allowing their children to take classes. Although the school session started in April as per the rules, Dishari Public School has started the session from last May. Apart from 100% tuition fee, travel car rental and food expenses, a one-time fee of Rs 12,000 was being charged from the parents. A few guardians approached the High Court in protest.

A bench of Justice Mausumi Bhattacharya and Justice IP Mukherjee today ruled in the interim judgment that last year’s judgment would remain in force. This means that private schools will only be able to charge 60% of the tuition fee and will not be able to charge any additional fees. At the same time, with more punishment for the parents, the court said, as per the court order, the parents will be able to pay the arrears in installments by July 31.


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