Public leader from youth! In the court of the people on the way to ‘Didi’, ‘Abhishek is beside’

Kolkata: ‘Debut’ is not too long. But in a few years, Amul has changed his political ‘style’. Trinamool ‘Youth’ president, MP, at the top of the organization after the youth merged, and now? Many people say that he is now the second in command of the grassroots. Abhishek Banerjee (Abhishek Banerjee) is therefore a new impetus in state politics. Meanwhile, speculation is that a young leader is going to make his all-India debut at a Trinamool organizational meeting on June 5. Speculation is rife within the party about who he is. Many, however, are adding fuel to the fire of speculation with the new ‘debut’ of the grassroots.

As much as Mamata has been active in this election and has toured the entire state, Abhishek is probably a little more than that. He has held multiple meetings and road shows in each district. One of the ‘weapons’ used by the BJP to come to power in the state was ‘Tolabaj Vaipo’. But the person with whom this attack took place, Abhishek was calm from the beginning. The counter-BJP leaders challenged Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Shuvendu to attack in his name if they had the courage. Abhishek finally gave a goal to BJP. He won the ‘game’ at his own whim.

And this time he is probably going to get the ‘prize’ of winning a big fight. Leaders like Mukul Roy and Shuvendu Adhikari once left the party angry with Abhishek’s ’empowerment’. Behind the scenes, many moderate grassroots leaders also raised their voices against him. But gradually those protests have turned into water. And Abhishek has come up in a new ‘incarnation’. Ekushey’s victory in the Great War has in fact given great recognition to his political debut.

And after that he has turned himself from a leader to a public leader. Yas went to the devastated area and mingled with the affected people. He went to everyone and explained how to get government compensation. He instructed the party leaders that the helpless people should not be short of anything. Many people say that Mamata Banerjee’s style is to make herself available to people in this way. Abhishek is now making that style his own. In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Mamata’s battle for the Delhi masnad is no longer unclear. So the more Mamata leans towards Delhi politics, the more Abhishek’s responsibility in the state will increase. So Kalighat does not want to leave any gap in the political style of the two.

The inaugural campaign has already started on the side of the hashtag on behalf of the Trinamool. Video released. Many in the grassroots inner circle say, ‘Abhishek calls Abhishek Banerjee as’ Didi’ even though he is a PC. This time the Trinamool leader wants to proceed on the path of that sister. What the result will be, will be understood soon.

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