Shovon Chatterjee can not sleep! Because Baishakhi said

Kolkata: Sovan Chatterjee has finally been granted conditional bail in the Narada Case. And his girlfriend Baisakhi Banerjee breathed a sigh of relief as soon as Shovon Babu got bail. After hearing the verdict of the larger bench of the High Court, Baishakhi said, ‘Today is a moment of gratitude. Gratitude to God. I was in trauma from Monday to today. Four people were released from custody. Greetings to all. ‘ On Friday, Subrata Mukherjee, Firhad Hakim, Madan Mitra as well as Shovon Chatterjee appeared in the Bankshal court as per the rules in the Narad case.

But how are you? Not himself, but Baishakhi replied. Standing in the Bankshal court, Baishakhi said, ‘The attendance was the same as the date of appearance. We have confidence in the judiciary. Shovon Babu has never faced such a tradition before. Didn’t sleep last night. There was an anxiety in my mind. I’m upset. ‘ Incidentally, all the four leaders and ministers came to the court in the morning in the Narad case and left. Their lawyers said the court would tell them when they would have to return.

Incidentally, the Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay-Ratna Chattopadhyay episode culminated in the arrest of Shovon Chattopadhyay by the CBI in the Narad case. On the morning of Shovan’s arrest, his wife Ratna arrived at the Nizam’s Palace to stay with him. But Baishakhi picked up ‘Rush’ from the afternoon onwards. The whole state saw the tears in his hapless eyes outside the jail. Baishakhi also alleged that Shovon was ‘detained’ at SSKM Hospital. Aim directly at Ratna. Shovan even attacked Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh from the window of cabin number 106 in Woodburn Ward of SSKM to ‘protect’ Baishakhi. Finally, after a long dramatic situation and getting bail, Boishakhi took Shovon to her.

There has already been speculation about Shovon’s return to the grassroots. In that context, however, Baishakhi had said earlier, ‘Now Shovon Babu almost doesn’t talk about politics. However, he is still hugely popular. Shovon Babu is still remembered by the people. But I don’t know if he has politics in his mind. However, I hope he will return to politics once all issues are resolved. ‘

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