Tathagata Roy tweets saying on bjp workers left out of home Chandrima Bhattachaya replied back

#Kolkata: Homeless BJP workers are crying over the post-election violence. But three front-line BJP leaders have returned to the pavilion. Another is not picking up the phone again. Senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy tweeted on Wednesday making such explosive allegations against the party leadership. In less than 24 hours, the Trinamool Congress responded to the tweet by saying that the ruling party wants to send everyone home, regardless of their political identity. Minister of State Chandrima Bhattachayra also promised to punish the culprits by asking for detailed information about the incident mentioned by Tathagata Babu. Peaceful courtesy exchanges between the two sides also took place on Twitter.

Recently, BJP leader Tathagata Roy has been seen tweeting frequently against top leaders. On Wednesday, such a tweet took social media by storm. Tathagata complained that the party workers could not return home. In this context, Minister of State Chandrima Bhattacharya retweeted his tweet and promised to take action against the accused. The BJP leader also thanked the minister for his courtesy.

For the past few days, Tathagata has been using the first English letter of his name to target BJP leaders in his tweets. In this case ‘K’ means Kailash is victorious. ‘S’ and ‘A’ mean Shiv Prakash and Arvind Menon. By saying ‘D’, he is referring directly to BJP state president Dilip Ghosh.

Minister of State Chandrima Bhattacharya has promised to take action in this tweet. He wrote, “Sir, I request you to give me detailed information. No matter which party we are in, we all need to get home safely. We also promise to take disciplinary action against those involved in such acts. “

Tathagata thanked Chandrima for her assurance. In his words, “Thank you very much. Your use is commendable. Needless to say, victory brings generosity. Although I can tell you a few names. You have a police and intelligence department. You can bring a lot of people home if you try. “

Chandrima did not forget to thank him in return. He wrote on Twitter, thank you! The grassroots is determined to deal with such incidents. We will be more vigilant. I will take necessary action.

Incidentally, the former governor made a tweet on Wednesday night. Where he writes, “A man close to me came to me crying today. He said thousands of people who had worked for the BJP had been evicted (from home) by grassroots miscreants. They are being asked to pay big money to return. I feel helpless. ” Shortly afterwards, Tathagata pointed out the names of some BJP leaders and wrote, “The KS in charge of the state has fled. D is not picking up the phone. ”

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