The ‘childhood-friendship’ of Shuvrangshu-Abhishek in front, the grassroots ‘message’ behind the scenes is Chanakya Mukul?

Kolkata: Does he want to return to the grassroots? Publicly speaking, I am in the BJP. But the political circles do not want to give much importance to that public comment by saying that the man’s name is Mukul Roy. Because of his recent activities, apathetic attitude towards BJP, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay’s hospital visit to see Mukul’s sick wife, Mukul’s son Shuvrangshur’s Abhishek-Bandana, above all Mukul Roy-Dilip Ghosh clash, all in all, the state politics fight with Mukul Roy. However, Mukul Roy himself has not yet spoken of returning to the grassroots. However, the path that is being paved is becoming increasingly clear.

Mukul Roy’s wife has been hospitalized for a long time. However, Mukul Shibir alleged that no BJP leader had gone to the hospital to inquire. Abhishek gave a master stroke there. On the same day, he went to the hospital adjacent to the bypass to see Mukul-Jaya. Although I didn’t meet Mukul there, I talked to Shuvrangshu for a while. Later, Shuvrangshu said, ‘What Abhishek Banerjee did, which went beyond courtesy. My mother has been called Abhishek Banerjee’s aunt since childhood. Now the first task is to fix the mother’s body, then return home and then the next step. ‘ And this next step means that there is no doubt about the change of party.

Political circles are saying that this is not Shuvrangshur’s own, but Mukul Roy’s. Mukul himself said in a close circle, ‘Abhishek and Shuvrangshu are childhood friends. They know each other well. Such a relationship is normal between them. That means the message is clear. A section of the political circles say that Mukul, who once left the grassroots due to a conflict with Abhishek, has in fact made the message of his mind clear with such a soft tone about him.

And Mukul Roy’s clash with Dilip Ghosh in the state BJP is well known. That conflict seems to have intensified. Dilip appeared soon after he went to the hospital to see Mukul’s wife. But the ice did not melt. Instead, Mukul said, ‘Dilip Ghosh did not go to the hospital without informing me or my family. So I don’t know who he went to see. ‘ Dilip also responded. “If anyone goes to the hospital, they should be thanked,” he said. Do you have to let someone know you are sick? ‘ In close quarters, Mukul Roy said that before Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and JP Naddara had also called to look for his wife. But the state is not BJP leaders. In other words, Mukul has no special expectations about the state BJP, it is becoming clear. And with that, the message of Mukul’s return to the grassroots is giving more head start.

However, the top leadership of the BJP is not failing to try to ‘stop’ Mukul. Narendra Modi himself has called, and even talks are underway to give Mukul a more important post. But Mukul’s close circle says, ‘Dada’s mind is ready.’ When Mukul brought that word of mouth in his mouth, that is what to see now.

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