The restaurant was opened, the Bengalis were immersed in the taste of the taste according to the rules of Kovid!

Kolkata: Parcel or take away was matching, but sitting in the restaurant dipping the wrist and eating as you please! From Friday, the food-loving Bengalis are on the way to get rid of that regret again. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had informed on Thursday. Like that, ‘Seat and Eat’ started in several restaurants of the city from Friday afternoon. However, the authorities decided to close the restaurant at the last minute on Friday after making all the preparations at the last minute due to untimely notification.

There is a long line of food lovers at the Pak Circus outlet in the city’s famous biryani chain before 5 pm. The shopkeepers are also happy to see the overflowing crowd of shoppers. Mozammel Haque, manager of the famous Biryani outlet in Park Circus, said, “Customers are our lucky ones. So it’s nice to think that they will come to the store again in the long run and sit down to eat. There is no reason to be afraid. Gone. ” By maintaining the rules of physical distance, the turn of sanitation is being rectified. Masks have been made mandatory in everyone. Seats and bricks have been re-introduced here following all the covid rules.

Again the exact opposite picture is in the famous bar cum restaurant Trinkas on Park Street. All preparations started in the morning. The staff of the restaurant appeared on the shiny floor, wiping the tables and chairs. But the authorities decided to close the restaurant on Friday evening as the notification did not reach them at the last minute. On behalf of the company, Anand Puri, the captain, said, “All preparations are in full swing. The famous restaurants on Park Street may return to familiar rhythms on weekends, even if not today.”

All in all, do not panic and again like a life-oriented food-loving Bengali. Leaving the perimeter of the four walls of the drawing room, the countdown of sitting in a glittering restaurant and eating Chinese or Mughlai food by candle light started.

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