After Shuvrangshu-Soumitra, this time Prabir Ghoshal is out of tune! Dilip Ghosh does not know the news of abortion

#Kolkata: He left the party in the face of the vote. But this time Prabir announced to dissolve the vote. Prabir has recently lost his mother. He alleged that several leaders from the Trinamool Congress had inquired about him. But BJP state president Dilip Ghosh does not even know the news of his miscarriage.

Prabir Ghoshal said that Kalyan Bandyopadhyay called him after the miscarriage. Kanchan Mallick took the news. But that telephone did not come. Expressing personal resentment, Prabir says he understands that the Trinamool Congress is a family because almost every member of that family has been in touch with him in times of danger. Even Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee have searched. But other state BJP leaders including Dilip Ghosh did not know about it. Like Prabir, it is sending a wrong message about the BJP.

It is clear that Prabir is out of tune. So does he want to join the grassroots this time and go back to his old team? Prabir did not want to comment on this.

Note that Prabir Ghoshal is not the first to complain about increasing distance with BJP. The incident started with Mukul’s son. Shuvrangshu alleged that Mukul Roy’s wife Krishna Roy had been hospitalized since May 11 but no BJP leader had met or contacted them. Abhishek Banerjee arrives at the hospital with BJP’s Tonak Nare. As soon as he left, Dilip Ghosh Locket Chatterjee appeared in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Soumitra Khan has given a message that he did not attend the meeting called by Dilip Ghosh. Notably, none of them publicly said they would leave the party. However, no one has kept a rhythm somewhere.

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