Dilip is not in the meeting called! Soumitra Khan on the way to Sujata BJP?

#Kolkata: BJP MP Soumitra Khan left the party’s WhatsApp group in Bankura. Soumitra has even left the district media cell group. This is not the end, Soumitra Khan is not present at the organizational meeting called by Dilip Ghosh. The speculation surrounding his three decisions is extreme. Naturally, the question arises, did Soumitra Khan start playing the tune this time? He is going to leave the BJP and become a pathfinder of Sujata?

The incident started on Friday afternoon. On the same day, today’s organizational meeting was first announced in the WhatsApp group of the district. Soumitra Khan left the group shortly after. Soumitra Khan, however, wants to explain that this group left is a result of sheer negligence. He reminds me of what happened when he left the group. Soumitra claims that many groups have to be handled, so inadvertently such minor ‘mistakes’ are made. It is not accepted, but why not decide to go to the meeting?

This time Soumitra Khan did not suppress his anger. He made it clear that Bankura MP Subhash Sarkar was invited to attend the meeting but was not invited. He expected to receive this message officially. Of course, Soumitra Khan also talks about following the lockdown rules.

According to Soumitra Khan, the record margin has come to his area. In this situation, he does not want to get involved in any unnecessary dispute with the ruling party. Soumitra Khan boycotted the meeting to accept the administrative decision of the lockdown. But even if he says so, there is no room for doubt that he may be on the list of dissidents, according to political observers.

The BJP took control of the damage after receiving the relevant news. The state BJP general secretary organization Amitabh Chakraborty has called in Hastings. But it is difficult to estimate how much water will be soaked in it. Because the roots of the disease are very deep.

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