How much importance of Anger Management during pandemic

Gurgaon: Amidst lockdown, crumbling market and work-from-home due to pandemic, most of us are working under extreme pressure and tight deadlines along with responsibilities at home. And in this situation anger is an uninvited guest, which is not only leading to strained relationships but also taking toll on one’s health.
To tackle this anger and its related issues, experts from all across the country held a virtual talk show ‘Guftagu’ and the topic was ‘Anger Management’ where they discussed at length the causes, effects, and management of anger.
The talk show Guftagu is a part of Carnival of hope’, organized by DEEP, which saw the participation of more than 700 Parental Coaches from all over the country and series of events – storytelling, parental talks,  family engagement program, summer camp, and others.
Isha Singh, founder of Mini Miracles’ learning platform for kids, parenting coach, and an NLP practitioner, who hosted the show said “The talk show was congregation of anger management experts and the audience attended it from the comfort of their living rooms without spending a single penny”.
During the talk show, the experts suggested three formulas – HALTED (hunger, anger, loneliness, tired, emotion, disappointment) which could be triggering your anger. “TSA (Thought, speak and action) as a way to vent out anger and FILTER (Find the why, identify, lead your way, troll your brain, eternal talks, reinvent yourself) to manage the anger,” said Singh.
Manish Sharma, founder, and director of DEEP, said the session was extremely helpful for the audience as experts spoke about approaches, strategies and mindset which are required to control the anger.The anger management expert Monalisa Kar, happiness and parenting coach Roshni Shukla and counselor and sound healer Vishakha Goyal were key speakers during the talk show. And Sandhya Lal was the co host of the show.

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