Mamata Banerjee: Ministers should not drive red lights! Mamata in the beginning of the third innings

#Kolkata: Ministers will not be able to travel around using red light vehicles. Mamata Banerjee gave such instructions at the party’s organizational meeting on Saturday, besides introducing a one-man policy. In fact, he explained, trying to sort out the third inning in a completely different way. Seeking internal reform.

The party has been repeatedly accused of corruption in the last 10 years. In this situation, Mamata Banerjee’s main goal is to keep the party and the administration separate. To make the party corruption free. Making party leaders more people-oriented. With that goal in mind, Mamata Banerjee has given several important messages on this day. He made it clear that the names of party MLAs should not be associated with brick and sand smuggling. He wants the legislators to be free from this corruption.

Besides, Mamata also gave the message that the MLAs should work in the field in the cowardly situation. On Saturday, Mamata Banerjee sought to outline the need for the old to help the new incumbents, so that new and old better grassroots can be formed. He told the party leaders that whatever is happy should not be written on social media.

In fact, Mamata Banerjee wants the MLAs and leaders of her party to bow to the people as the public opinion has gone in favor of the grassroots. So Mamata said, “Go directly to the people and work. Look at the flood coming.”

In today’s mega meeting, nine major changes have taken place in the grassroots. Abhishek Banerjee has been promoted to the post of All India General Secretary. And the responsibility of the young grassroots has gone to Saini Ghosh. On the other hand, Raj Chakraborty has become the Trinamool’s cultural secretary. Ritubrata Banerjee has got the responsibility of the workers’ organization. Kakli Ghosh Dastidar has become the president of the All India Women’s Trinamool. Purnendu Bose has been made the president of the farm labor organization. Mala Roy has been made the president of Bangajanani. Kunal Ghosh has become the state secretary of the party.

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