Mamata Banerjee: You can’t write anything happy on social media, Madan Mitra who is stuck in Mamata Banerjee?

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee took a step this time to rush the movement of party leaders on social media. At today’s party meeting, the Trinamool leader made it clear that such happy writing cannot be done on social media. According to the political circles, Mamata Banerjee’s cannon is directly aimed at Madan Mitra. There are enough reasons for such speculation. On Friday night, Madan Mitra went live on Facebook and asked Mamata Banerjee for the responsibility of Kamarhati municipality. He later deleted the post, but there was a lot of fuss about it in public. It was understood in today’s meeting that the issue did not escape the attention of the Trinamool leader. This time, Mamata Banerjee wants to be careful about the use of Facebook by leaders and ministers as a whole.

However, Madan Mitra does not want to admit that he has been reprimanded. According to him, the Trinamool leader told him that Facebook needs to be made more organized. We have to see so that everyone is benefited

This is the first general meeting of the Trinamool Congress after the assembly vote. This meeting has brought about a huge change in the grassroots. There are new faces in at least nine organizational responsibilities. Clear from that list, Mamata Banerjee wants to separate the party and the administration. One minister to introduce one post. Many new faces have been brought in the organizational responsibilities. Saini Ghosh, Raj Chakraborty have got new responsibilities. Similarly, Abhishek Banerjee has been inaugurated as the All India General Secretary left by Mukul Roy.

But this is not the end. Mamata Banerjee is warning the leaders at the beginning of the new innings. Mamata wants to make sure that their names are not involved in corruption. He said directly in the meeting that the names of the leaders and ministers should not be involved in the smuggling of coal and sand. His diagnosis, the flood is coming, the leaders and ministers must be by the side of the people. At the same time, he warned party ministers not to ride in red-light vehicles.

Apart from warning, the leaders and ministers also gave messages on Mamata’s arbitrary use of social media. It is to be noted that the Trinamool has used social media in an unprecedented manner in the last assembly polls. Success has also come. The Trinamool leader herself has admitted that this medium has made her path smoother. But the Trinamool leader is not forgetting to remind that the net media is not free. In other words, the Trinamool leader is reminding the responsibility as well as independence.

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