Sayani Ghosh- Sayani Ghosh got the responsibility of the young grassroots, the award for hard work

#Kolkata: Hard work is inevitable. Saini Ghosh got the evidence in hand. Saini was defeated in the Asansol South constituency in the Assembly elections. But self-confidence did not falter. This time, in recognition of his hard work, Saini was given the post of youth grassroots president. In other words, when Abhishek Banerjee rose to the level of an all-India leader, Saini, who is full of youth, is being inaugurated in his place.

Not only Saini but also the organizational reshuffle of the Trinamool Congress was seen on this day and it was seen that the party leader was giving importance to the youth. He wants young people to get up and sit down. That is why Ritubrata Banerjee and Raj Chakraborty are also important. On this day Raj Chakraborty was nominated as the Cultural President of the Trinamool. Ritubrata Banerjee has got the post of state president of ITTUC. In all, 9 organizational changes have taken place in the grassroots. The balance has been kept between the young and the old. In this reshuffle, Mamata Banerjee is trying to separate the clear party and the administration.

Mamata Banerjee gave a clear message to the party leaders in this day’s meeting. His clear instruction is to work from the side of the people. No minister can use his red light car. He reminds us that the flood is coming. He told party leaders to take to the streets on the day of the disaster. Mamata’s instructions are not to write on social media.

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