The price of onion is bringing tears to my eyes! 10 rupees increased in one day, fear of further increase!

#Kolkata: The price of onion is increasing by leaps and bounds. Rhythmic navishbas middle class. Now you have to buy onion at 40 rupees per kilo. In other words, the price of onion has increased by at least 10 rupees per kg. The overnight rise in prices is a cause for concern for the middle class.

Onion prices also rose at a certain time last year. But traders say the reasons for the two-year price hike are different. What exactly caused the price of onions to rise this year? Market participants say that the main reason for the increase in onion prices this year is that the stock of onions in Bengal has run out. Now all the onions in the market are brought from Nasik. In the Corona situation, whether it is Maharashtra or Bengal, there are thousands of restrictions. So to bring onions from Nasik, we have to get speed for transportation. Moreover, the price of petrol and diesel is going up every day. That price is being added to the commodity price. Not only onions but also other grains may go up in price due to the increase in the price of this diesel.

An onion seller in Lake Market says that Bengal’s onion stock was depleted this year due to the storm. Now onion means trust Nasik. That is why the sudden increase in prices in the retail market. The price of onion has gone up by Tk 10 per kg in one day. You have to pay more than 300 rupees to buy onions. I used to buy onions at 800-900 rupees but now I have to buy them at 1200 rupees.

Both fuel and supply conditions are inspiring the middle class. Banikmahal thinks that the road to onion export has not been paved this year due to the election crisis. Bangladesh has become a major exporter of Bengal onions. This is why Bengal onions end at the beginning of May. The middle class will have to pay the price in the future as well. Today I have to buy onion for 25 rupees for 40 rupees. Let’s see where this price goes in the coming days

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