TMC Meeting: After the victory, Mamata in the first party meeting today, can take 5 big decisions

#Kolkata: Today, June 5, the grassroots organizational meeting. The first meeting after the victory was just right because the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha MPs, MLAs of all districts, ministers and administrators will be present in this meeting. But considering the corona, party leader Mamata Banerjee has changed her mind a little. District presidents, MLAs, MPs have been asked to virtually attend tomorrow’s meeting. Representatives from Kolkata and surrounding districts will attend Mamata’s meeting at the Trinamool Bhavan. However, the working committee will meet at the building. Corona changed her mind.

Although it is not yet clear what exactly this meeting is about, it is heard that a number of important decisions will come up in this meeting. According to sources, the meeting will focus on one person in one post. Learning from past experience, the grassroots leader wants anyone to stay in the same position, and handle that responsibility well.

According to sources, the meeting may also decide on the defectors who want to return to the party. Moreover, the Trinamool wants to complete the election of 110 municipalities, including Kolkata, as soon as possible. We can also talk about organizational preparation for it.

Winning this election by a huge margin has made Mamata Banerjee a direct rival of Narendra Modi. Now the bird’s eye view of Delhi in 2024. And to do that, the Trinamool will have to change the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha. In that case the areas of organizational weakness have to be identified. Sources said that even in this tide, there is time to discuss why the expected results were not achieved in Hooghly and Bankura. Desperate to emphasize the organizational structure, Mamata Banerjee will not tolerate any soft tone this time. If you want to stay in the team, you have to work, that is what can be explained in this meeting.

But even after all this, a climax may have been waiting for today’s meeting. Today may be the debut of a youth leader. Youth can be emphasized as a whole by arranging new pieces.

In other words, in one word, five big decisions may have to be taken today. Note that Prashant Kishore will be in today’s meeting. There is speculation as to whether he made any observations.

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