BJP Meeting: The first meeting after the storm of vote-covid, BJP is going to take a decision on June 8!

#Kolkata: The BJP is going to hold an organizational meeting on June 8 at its Hastings office. Top leaders of the state BJP will be present at the meeting. Conveners and front presidents of all zones will be present. There was a massive organizational reshuffle in the grassroots on Saturday. After the BJP called a meeting three days later, speculation has started in various quarters as to whether the BJP is on the path of reshuffle this time. But the top leaders of the BJP are practically refuting this theory.

According to sources, the agenda of the meeting is twofold, to return the victims to their homes, to outline the work. Many BJP workers are homeless due to post-poll violence in several districts. I want the cooperation of the district leaders to bring these workers back home. But after the vote, many of the leaders of this district disappeared. Many of them again complained that it was not possible to coordinate with the top leaders. So this meeting is the provision of this adjustment.

Although the result was not as expected, the BJP got 8 MLAs in this election. Those who have won by voting, their expectations from these MLAs are also normal. Therefore, the party wants the leaders who have become MLAs to make an outline of their work from this meeting. In particular, there will be a discussion on whether the Youth or Women’s Front will carry out any special program in Corona.

Note that there has been a fear of a rift within the BJP for several days. Many have started playing out of tune. Once the defecting grassroots are again inciting speculation of homecoming. It will be known at this meeting whether the party will take any position on this.

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