BJP worker killed in daytime bombing in Bhatpara, BJP-Trinamool in Tarja

#Bhatpara: He was killed in a bomb blast near Kulidipo junction of Bhatpara police station at noon. The name of the deceased BJP worker is JP Yadav. BJP activist JP Yadav was hit in the head by a BJP worker. He died on the spot. Allegedly three miscreants surrounded him and threw bombs. Khabar P. Arjun Singh went to the spot. The BJP-Trinamool has already started talking about who is involved in this bombing. The BJP claims that those involved in this work are grassroots. And the grassroots claim, the original and the new BJP clash is the result of this incident. Naihati MLA Perth Bhowmick said, “Those who are bombing are criminals. They do not belong to any party. I will tell the police to crack down.”

The Jagddal-Bhatpara area has been hot for several days. There was a massive bombardment in the Jagddal area on Friday night. Locals complain. At least one and a half hundred bombs fell in one night. More than 10 houses were vandalized. The administration sat motionless in the incident. 10 people were arrested. Many frightened locals also started leaving the area.

Three policemen were also injured while trying to stop the clash in Bhatpara. The splinters of the bomb were placed on the hands and feet of the policemen. Several local shops were damaged in the attack. Barrackpore Police Commissioner Manoj Barma said 10 people had been arrested for their involvement in the incident. Twelve rounds of ammunition were recovered from the suspects. Three firearms and twenty Kauto bombs were found. The panicked locals are waking up at night. And the rift between the BJP and the Trinamool continues.

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