BJP Yuva Morcha: The ‘tool’ is that dish! The BJP Youth Front will go to Bengal to seek jobs

Kolkata: After the tragic defeat in the assembly elections, the BJP Yuva Morcha is entering the hall with a new slogan. That is why they have come up with a new slogan. ‘Not begging, wanting art, wanting work.’ This time BJP youth activists are embarking on a movement to demand industry. Soumitra Khan, state president of the Youth Morcha, has already held talks with Amitabh Chakraborty, general secretary (organization) of the state BJP. How will the movement? It has been learned that the Juba Morcha will sit in a movement in front of the block office in 341 booths of the state. The block level movement will start from June 15. It is known that this movement will take place even in Calcutta.

The BJP went to the polls in Bengal with a target of 200 seats. But I had to stop in that seat. Since then, the BJP has met more than once to review the reasons for the deplorable rate. But this time the Bengal BJP leadership is going to sit in the meeting to decide their tactics and policies in a new way. It is learned that the review meeting of the State Gerua Camp will be held on June 6 at the Hastings office. All the central and state level leaders will be there.

It is learned that besides reviewing the rate of Bengal Assembly elections, the meeting may also discuss the reshuffle at the organizational level. Rumors have been circulating in the BJP since the election results that there could be a major reshuffle in the party’s organization. In that context, it is thought that the issue of reshuffle may come up in this meeting. On the other hand, the ruling party Trinamool Congress and the state government will be ridiculed and new slogans will be prepared to get out of the way.

In this situation, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh attacked the government in the usual manner. “We have 65 MLAs,” he said. And with that I will suffocate the government in my assembly. And we will continue to fight outside. At the same time, he blamed the party workers for the tragic defeat in the state. “An atmosphere of fear was created in many areas. Our workers have retreated in many places out of fear. Left the counting center. The result has been damage.

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