Coronation is the only solution, this time Kolkata will see a different kind of Durga Pujo Kolkata Durga Puja organizers cut budget to help people amid corona pandemic– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Besamal Bangla in the second storm of Corona. The worst situation in the state is in Kolkata and the two 24 parganas. So the townspeople are not in a good mood. The worshipers of the city are not in a good mood. Every year from the day of Poyala Boishakh, the pole pujo of the big budget pujo committees of the city starts. But this time, even after the first week of June, most of the clubs did not have the time or opportunity to think about Pujo. Rather they are much more concerned to handle the Corona situation in the city and to stand by the victims of Cyclone Yas.

Corona was there last year too. Even after that, Durga Pujo was performed according to various rules. According to all the rules, Tagore saw the pujo-loving mango Bengali. This time, however, the situation is much different. All the joy has been washed away from the city to the suburbs. Many clubs lost their members. Many club members have lost loved ones. All in all a miserable situation. In this situation, several club officials of the city demanded, “Mother will come to us in her time. Pujo will be like that. But there will be no pomp in it at all.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked the city’s renowned pujo committees to fight shoulder to shoulder against corona. In a city like that, most of the committees are standing by the people in one way or another. Even the club is thinking about getting vaccinated. Such as Thakurpukur SB Park, Tridhara Sammelan, Shiva Mandir, Baliganj Cultural’s pujos have decided to stop the theme pujo and worship in a general pandal. Thakurpukur SB Park will not take part in any competition this time.

Thakurpukur SB Park is one of the big budget pujos in the city. With a budget of around crores of rupees, this pujo will be held at this bar in a very general manner. The entire amount of the budget will be used to deal with Corona. Artist Perth Dasgupta will decorate the mandapa and idol without pay. One of the officials, Sanjay Majumder, said, “We will make arrangements to vaccinate the financially backward people above the age of 18. The money will be spent from Pujo’s budget to free people from the clutches of corona. We have to register for vaccination. We will do this very soon.” Will begin. “

Gargi Mukherjee, media co-ordinator of Tridhara, said, “This time we are 65 years old. We had a lot of plans. But no one is happy with the situation. This time the pujo will be completed in any way, said Saptarshi Basu, one of the officials of Baliganj Cultural and a first-line corona fighter. He said, “Many people need to be vaccinated. Work in progress. We have also thought of various thoughts. A decision will be made very soon. “

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