Exclusive: ‘I’ll give you everything you have’, Subrata Bokshi bewildered at Abhishek’s feet

#Kolkata: From small to big on the back of the lap. Today, the responsibility is on the young man’s bull. Subrata Bokshi could not control his emotions after getting close to him. Abhishek Banerjee went home and hugged him with his hands and feet. Tears created a unique image of carrying the legacy torch. Subrata Bokshi said to him, whatever is there, whatever is there, I will give it to you.

Abhishek Banerjee has been nominated as the party’s all-India general secretary. But he did not forget the manners after getting the post. He did not forget that following in the footsteps of the elders, he is on the throne today to express his gratitude to them. Abhishek reached the house of Trinamool general secretary Perth Chatterjee on Sunday afternoon with a pot of sweets. The party’s secretary general discussed various issues with him. Abhishek was there for an hour. Perth gave him detailed advice on administrative work in Chattopadhyay. After that Abhishek’s destination is Subrata Boxir’s house.

Subrata Bokshi is known to be emotional among those close to him. His love and affection for Mamata Banerjee may remind us of Jawaharlal Nehru’s passion for Mahatma Gandhi. And he has a genuine love for Abhishek. He has seen her grow from small to big. Witness his every rise. So when Abhishek entered the house today and bowed with his hands and feet, Subrata Bokshi became practically confused. He hugged her. Tears welled up in Subrata’s eyes as he remembered Mamata’s plight during the polls. He said in his mouth, he had to ignore Mamta’s suffering. What has bothered the lady. Abhishek replied, you have to be healthy. And this is how an impeccable frame of old-new matching is created.

Subrata, who is always loyal to Mamata Banerjee, will gradually grow older. Abhishek will probably climb even bigger mountains. This frame will remain. When the torch of politics goes from one generation to another, what better scene could there be!

-Input Kamalika Sengupta

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